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Transport Aircraft Profile and extended history for all transport aircraft manufactured since 1930 are available from ATDB. More than 200,000 aircraft records, from the DC-2 and DC-3 size up to the largest 747, A380 and An-225 jetliners. Including airplanes built in the former Soviet Union and China. Airframe histories provide the sequences of operators and owners, sequence and dates of transactions, and many more details on the life of each airframe.
[ Supported Aircraft Types ]
Airlines Any airline, worldwide, which at one time since 1930 operated one or more aircraft, 30-seat and above, is detailed by ATDB. Background historical and current information, including dates when formed, renamed, dissolved, base airport, basic financial and ownership data, IATA/ICAO codes, etc are provided. Currently the database contains more than 12,000 companies.
[ Operators for each country ]
Start-up carriers New Start-up carriers with a credible business plan are immediately posted on the ATDB site. Our professional subscribers get first-hand information about new business opportunities via our alerter facility and can use our provided contact details to be ahead of competition. Professional subscribers can issue database queries to filter start-up companies
MSN future allocations Where possible, ATDB provides advanced MSN allocations for future new-built aircraft obtained from the aircraft manufacturers. Allocations > 3 months in the future are restricted to professional subscribers or above.
Non-commercial Operators ATDB is not only commercial airlines but also fully covers government entities (eg. air forces) and private operators for each country.
Search on specific private operators requires a Premium or Professional subscription
Leasing Companies ATDB has exclusive information on leasing companies and lists all current (and historical) aircraft in portfolio, and specific asset management options. This includes data on trustees, purpose-built companies and registered part-out companies. ATDB databases include detailed portfolios of more than 450 leasing companies. AeroTransport Data Bank is the ONLY provider for this type of information.
Global Airlines Directory (Online) ATDB provides directory and operational details to facilitate contacts. These include address, phone, fax, web site, email, SITA, ARINC etc. Names and title of top and senior management are provided, including career evolution.
The Global Airlines Directory is available online to premium or professional subscribers to enable immediate contacts.
[ Read more ]
Global Airlines Directory (Excel) Best tool for deep market analysis and statistics. Feed your marketing projects (mailing-list programs, phone calls campaigns) with data neatly prepared and updated in real time (not once per year !)
Now includes detailed aircraft types in current and planned fleets and portfolios !
The Global Airlines Directory in Excel format is to premium subscribers and can be downloaded at NO additional cost as frequently as needed using the latest daily updates.
[ Read more ]
Fleets Summaries Aggregate fleet summaries and statistics are provided for a quick glance at a carrier size, past evolution and future plans
Aircraft Census For a specific aircraft type or model sub-variant, ATDB census provide extensive details on age distribution, airframes status, geographical areas of operation and top operators. Professional subscribers also have access to lessors and leasing companies.
Historical Transaction and Delivery Dates IN and OUT dates for all transactions and events affecting airframes. IN-dates are the dates of acquisition and delivery, OUT-dates are the dates of retirement and disposal.
Aircraft Ownership Information on ownership is provided for each airframe when it differs from the identity of the operator. Including historical sequence of ownership. Where relevant, ATDB provides data on first- and second-level owners of an airframe, trustee, and identification of the company in charge of managing the airframe on behalf of the owner. ATDB also names the owner of an airframe in charge of the final part-out.
Airframes Hours & Cycles Total hours flown and landing cycles at time of each airframe transaction and storage event, for most aircraft types.
Aircraft Engines ATDB provides full details on aircraft engines: manufacturer and model designation.
Engines Search A search module to query specific engine types is available for premium subscribers.
Aircraft MTOW Maximum TakeOff Weight for each airframe is provided.
Aircraft Configurations Aircraft configurations detail seats available in each passengers class. And freight payloads.
Fleet Timelines Observe the evolution of fleets and subfleets since 1950.
Explore future deliveries and retirements until 2025.
Aircraft Selcal Codes Aircraft selcal codes are provided and can be searched.
Aircraft ICAO 24-bit Hex Addresses Aircraft 24-bit addresses are provided and can be searched.
Aircraft Orders New aircraft orders placed by operators and leasing companies are listed by ATDB. Including options, LOI's and MoU's.
Aircraft Transactions Used aircraft transactions can be searched easily by date, owner, operator or airframe
ATDB provides background information for each hull-loss aviation accident since 1930, including non-operational and military losses. Additional in-depth analysis, details and statistics can be accessed directly. Also queries can be submitted to search safety events for a specific type, operator, airport, geographical area or date range.
In addition to the write-off events above, ATDB provides details of selected safety incidents which are deemed to be of consequence to the aircraft's asset values. Useful tool for buyers and sellers of transport aircraft, and to evaluate an airline's safety profile.
Airports Background information is given for more than 8,000 airports and airfields worldwide approved for transport aircraft. ATDB is the only place where IATA and ICAO codes are reconciled. Extended details on available facilities can be accessed directly. Queries can also return a list of aircraft stored, parked or parted-out at a given airport or geographical area.
Google Earth Direct interface from the 16,000 ATDB airports to Google Earth. Jump directly and hover above the selected airports with a single click.
[ Read more ]
Code/Decode IATA and ICAO codes and decodes for airlines and airports (including historical) are always instantly available
Daily Events Alerters If your business requires you to be the first to learn about specific events, such as new airline start-up's, aircraft transactions, airframe deliveries, planned fleet purchases, etc then ATDB's alert facility is a must. Alerters can be tailored by each subscriber for their specific needs and are emailed on a DAILY frequency.
[ Read more ]
Events Query Facility Past events since 2003 can now be easily retrieved using our built-in QueryEvents facility. Events based on user-provided keywords are instantly available and additional zoom options are provided for further drill-down.
All Worldwide News Get more information from selected aviation news repositories for commercial details (new routes, code shares, airline alliances, ..), financial results and much more using ATDB's QueryNews service.
Weekly Newsletter The ATDB Weekly Newsletter covers all major events during the past week. This is the recommended information source for the casual professional user of ATDB services, or serious enthusiast. Issues are emailed directly to your mailbox every week.
[ Read more ]
Export to Excel Results of any query submitted to ATDB can be directly sent to your computer as an MS Excel file for your own follow-up usage, such as additional filters, sort options, feeding your own database or intranet, etc. The generated Excel file contains all candidate records, saving time compared to online reports with multiple pages. This is a new feature of ATDB v5. And if you have a specific tabular report in your wish list, just let us know and if possible we will arrange. At no extra cost.
Customized reports Any specific report in your wish list, which we forgot to make available online ? Just let us know and if possible we will make this available quickly. At no extra cost.
Expand your database If your in-house applications are unable to solve a query, they can now interface directly with ATDB to retrieve the latest accurate data and return the information back to your users. In real time. ATDB provides entry points and return records formatted per your needs. This new feature includes a set of professional services to have this direct link up and working in a few days.
Online Charts Your day-to-day reference for looking up OEM backlogs, market shares, etc. Data is fetched in real time from the latest updates in the databases. All charts available to premium subscribers and more charts added every week
AeroFinder ATDB's partner service lists all aircraft currently on offer for sale, lease or part-out. Free to use for aircraft sellers, buyers or casual visitors.
Galleries Direct hyperlinks to partner sites providing photographic images of specific airframe is available for each ATDB aircraft. ATDB also has its own multimedia galleries devoted to very rare pictures.
24 x 7 availability Subscribers are transparently transferred to one of our secondary mirrors during maintenance of our primary server
Multi-user licence User and Extended subscriptions are limited to a single user (sharing access codes is strictly prohibited and may result into account termination). Professional or Premium subscriptions are valid for up to 10 users sharing the same Internet domain (contact ATDB for larger numbers). 1 user 1 user Up to 10 users Up to 10 users
Usage quotas Quotas are defined at 15 times the average resources usage in order to protect the response times experienced by all users. [Details] maximum

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Find a census for an aircraft type
  • for one or several aircraft types, version or model
  • breakdown by airframes status
  • historical and planned deliveries
  • breakdown by geographical region
  • available airframes for sale or lease
  • top operators
  • top leasing companies
  • new aircraft orders and used transactions
Find aircraft operators, owners or lessors
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  • filter by company status, nationality or region
  • filter by type of aircraft in use or in portfolio
Find subfleets or operators fleets
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  • add filter by aircraft status and ownership level
  • retrieve historical snapshots
  • expand to filtered list of aircraft used by specific operator
Find portfolios of leasing companies
  • for specific leasing companies or lease managers
  • for owner trustee or bank
  • for specific part-out companies
Find airports
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  • by IATA or ICAO code
  • by country or geographical coordinates
  • retrieve details and maps
  • retrieve list of stored aircraft
Find specific events
  • new aircraft orders
  • split by aircraft type or manufacturer
  • used aircraft transactions
  • recent events linked to a specific airline
  • safety events
  • filter by type, airport, country or region

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