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Profile for: Conifair Aviation
1 company in genealogy tree - [ Generate Excel ]

Conifair Aviation  CNF;ROYCanadaSt.Jean,PQ; Qu√©bec/Mt.Joli,PQ1979-1997
Became a maintenance-only company in 1997.

Directory and Contact records for Conifair Aviation
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Conifair Aviation
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SubFleets for: Conifair Aviation
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Conifair AvnDC-6C-118A-DO (DC-6A/B)     11- 
Conifair AvnDC-6DC-6A     44-
Conifair AvnDC-6DC-6B     22-
Conifair AvnL.649/749 ConstellationL.749A     33-
Conifair AvnDC-4C-54D (DC-4)     11-
Conifair AvnDC-4C-54G (DC-4)     33-
Conifair AvnDC-4C-54Q (DC-4)     11-
Conifair AvnCV-340/440CV-580 Series     33-
 TOTAL:     1818-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Conifair Aviation
Airframes 1-18 of 18 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
C-GBZCDC‑6A/B454981005 19/06/1958LGBConifair Avn ex N555JW @ Jet WayTo (S√©curit√© Civile F-ZBAP)Active     
C-GBYSDC‑6A44658625 15/09/1955LGBConifair Avnex N2904F @ Century ALTo (Everts Air Cargo N3047V)Stored    
C-GBYNDC‑6A4407545109/03/1954LGBConifair Avnex N1281 @ Zantop Int'l ALTo (Northern Air Cargo N6174C)Preserved10/2016   
C-GBYBDC‑6A44073406 14/08/1953LGBConifair Avnex N34957 @ Zantop Int'l ALTo (Everts Air Cargo N3050P)Derelict21/06/2012   
C-GBYFDC‑6B/F4406138708/07/1953LGBConifair Avn ex N4061K @ Zantop Int'l ALScrapped ( at YQB)Scrapped at YQB2004  
C-GBYAC‑118A‑DO (DC‑6A/B)43717370  21/05/1953LGBConifair Avnex N3022F @ Jet WayDestroyed (nr at YGP)Destroyed at YGP26/06/1989   
C-GBYHDC‑6B/F4354924504/07/1952LGBConifair Avnex N3549H @ Zantop Int'l ALTo (Northern Air Cargo N6204U)Derelict    
C-GDCHC‑54Q‑DC (DC‑4)10614   12/03/1945MDWConifair Avn ex N21VC @ Private users in USAScrapped ( at YJN)Scrapped at YJN2003   
C-GBPAC‑54D‑DC (DC‑4)10673 16/04/1945MDWConifair Avnex N87591 @ Hillcrest AvnTo (Buffalo Airways Buffalo AW)Preserved28/04/2022   
C-GBNVC‑54G‑DO (DC‑4)35988 20/07/1945SMOConifair Avnex N3303F @ Aero UnionTo (Buffalo Airways Buffalo AW)Stored water bomber  
C-GBSKC‑54G‑DO (DC‑4)36049  10/09/1945SMOConifair Avnex N4989N @ Aero UnionTo (Buffalo Airways Buffalo AW)Destroyed02/08/2003   
C-GXKNC‑54G‑DO (DC‑4)36090 22/01/1946SMOConifair Avnex N4958P @ Aero UnionTo (Buffalo Airways Buffalo AW)Destroyed05/01/2006   
C-GXKOL.749A‑79‑362601   31/12/1948BURConifair Avnex N9464 @ Christler Flying SvcTo (Civil N494TW)Preserved09/04/2005   
C-GXKRL.749A‑79‑382604 18/01/1949BURConifair Avn ex N9465 @ Christler Flying SvcTo (Civil N749VR)Preserved fire bomber  
C-GXKSL.749A‑79‑362609   24/03/1949BURConifair Avn ex N9467 @ Christler Flying SvcDestroyed ( at YRI)Destroyed at YRI21/06/1979   
C-GQBOCV‑58030  18/12/1952SANConifair Avn ex N4801C @ Trans Ocean AWTo (Air Niagara Express Air Niagara Express)Scrapped    
C-GQBNCV‑58050  19/02/1953SANConifair Avn  ex N90855 @ Westates ALPart-Out ((fire trainer) at YQB)Derelict at YQB    
C-GQBPCV‑580137  22/12/1953SANConifair Avn  ex N7528U @ Trans Ocean AWTo (Hydro-Qu√©bec Hydro-Qu√©bec)Derelict13/04/2017   

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Current portfolios for Conifair Aviation
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Additional information on Conifair Aviation
New aircraft orders from Conifair Aviation
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Safety accidents and incidents events for Conifair Aviation
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