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Profile for: Libyan Arab Air Cargo
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Libyan Arab Air CargoLibyan Air Cargo LCRLibyaTripoli/Murtiga1987-
Reorganized in 1987 as a subsidiary of Libyan Arab AL. Became a commercial cargo division of Libyan Arab Republic Air Force. All aircraft grounded 17/3/11 after UN resolution calling for a no-fly zone. AOC revoked in 2012.
Jamahiriya Air Transport JV;6U LibyaTripoli1982-1986
Merged 6/86 into Libyan Arab AL, becoming all-cargo division.
United African AirlinesUAAUQ Libya 1979-1982
Formed 6/79 as successor to Central African STAC. Used as cover airline to support Libyan troops in Chad. Renamed 1/82 (or 6/83 ?) to Jamahirya.

Directory and Contact records for Libyan Arab Air Cargo
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Libyan Arab Air Cargo
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SubFleets for: Libyan Arab Air Cargo
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Libyan Arab ACAn-124An-124-100  1 112- 
Libyan Arab ACIl-76Il-76M     22-
Libyan Arab ACIl-76Il-76T     66-
Libyan Arab ACIl-76Il-76TD  8 81018-
Libyan Arab ACIl-76Il-78  1 1 1-
Libyan Arab ACB.707B.707-120B     22-
Libyan Arab ACB.707B.707-320B     11-
Libyan Arab ACB.707B.707-320C     1010-
Libyan Arab ACB.707B.707-420(F)     11-
Libyan Arab ACDC-8DC-8-20     11-
Libyan Arab ACDC-8DC-8-30     11-
Libyan Arab ACDC-8DC-8-50     33-
Libyan Arab ACIl-62Il-62M  1 1 1-
Libyan Arab ACAn-72An-72 ()     33-
Libyan Arab ACC-130L.100-20     44-
Libyan Arab ACC-130L.100-30     33-
Libyan Arab ACCL-44CL-44-D4     22-
Libyan Arab ACCL-44CL-44J     22-
Libyan Arab ACF.27F.27-400     11-
Libyan Arab ACF.27F.27-500     22-
Libyan Arab ACF.27F.27-600     11-
Libyan Arab ACAn-32An-32P  3 3 3-
Libyan Arab ACAn-26An-26 ()11 2 13518-
 TOTAL:11 16 276188-
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All-times Fleets of Libyan Arab Air Cargo
Total number of aircraft: 88. Use link above to launch or links within above table for specific subfleets.

Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Libyan Arab Air Cargo (current & planned only)
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
5A-DNXRecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers 
5A-DRSIl‑76TD1033414474870930/03/1993UTTPLibyan Arab AC ex RA‑76367 @ Moscow AirlineStored ( at FJR)Stored at FJR23/06/2003     
5A-DRTRecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
5A-DLLIl‑78934937997010 1989UTTPLibyan Arab AC  Stored ( in [ LY ])Stored in [ LY ] opf Libyan AF    
5A-DNPIl‑76TD4345151638091984UTTPLibyan Arab AC   Stored ( at TIP)Stored at TIP      
5A-DNDIl‑76TD3344529933051983UTTPLibyan Arab AC  Stored ( at TIP)Stored at TIP      
5A-DNSIl‑76TD2343914529071982UTTPLibyan Arab AC   Stored ( at TIP)Stored at TIP      
5A-DNTIl‑76TD2343914129061982UTTPLibyan Arab AC   Stored ( at TIP)Stored at TIP      
5A-DNCIl‑76TD2343708428011982UTTPLibyan Arab AC   Stored ( at TIP)Stored at TIP      
5A-DKLAn‑124‑100 (K)1953050276130128/02/1992UKKTLibyan Arab AC ex UR‑82066 @ Aviant-Kiev Avn PlantStored ( at UKKT)Stored at UKKT opf/marketed by Flatam from 2006   
5A-DNYIl‑62M305265726511/1990UWKGLibyan Arab AC ex TL‑ABW @ Centrafrican ALStored ()Stored      
5A-DOBAn‑26 ()12307 1982UKKTLibyan Arab AC   ex Libya 8208 @ AF of Libya(Current, Active)Active      
5A-DOCAn‑26 ()12308 1982UKKTLibyan Arab AC   ex Libya 8209 @ AF of Libya(Current, Active)Active      
5A-DODAn‑26 ()12406 1982UKKTLibyan Arab AC   ex Libya 8212 @ AF of Libya(Current, Active)Active      
5A-DOEAn‑26 ()13003 1983UKKTLibyan Arab AC   ex Libyan AF @ Libyan Arab AC(Current, Active)Active      
5A-DOFAn‑26 ()13007 1983UKKTLibyan Arab AC   ex Libya 8302 @ AF of LibyaStored ( at HLLM)Stored at HLLM      
5A-DONAn‑26 ()13009 1983UKKTLibyan Arab AC   ex Libya 8304 @ AF of Libya(Current, Active)Active      
5A-DOJAn‑26 ()13104 1983UKKTLibyan Arab AC   ex Libya 8307 @ AF of Libya(Current, Active)Active      
5A-DOLAn‑26 ()13108 1983UKKTLibyan Arab AC   ex Libya 8311 @ AF of Libya(Current, Active)Active      
5A-DOVAn‑26 ()13109 1983UKKTLibyan Arab AC   ex Libya 8312 @ AF of Libya(Current, Active)Active      
5A-DOUAn‑26 ()13201 1983UKKTLibyan Arab AC   ex? Libya 8314 @ AF of LibyaStored ( at HLLM)Stored at HLLM camouflaged    
5A-DOHAn‑26 ()13205 1983UKKTLibyan Arab AC   ex Libya 8315 @ AF of Libya(Current, Active)Active      
5A-DOAAn‑26 ()12306 05/1982UKKTLibyan Arab AC   ex Libya 8207 @ AF of Libya(Current, Active)Active      
5A-DOGRecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
5A-DRCAn‑32P703 1988UKKTLibyan Arab AC ex UR‑48093 @ Antonov Design BureauStored ( in [ LY ])Stored in [ LY ]      
5A-DREAn‑32P3507 03/2006UKKTLibyan Arab AC  Stored ( in [ LY ])Stored in [ LY ]      
5A-DRFAn‑32P3602 25/01/2005UKKTLibyan Arab AC  Stored ( in [ LY ])Stored in [ LY ]      

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Current portfolios for Libyan Arab Air Cargo
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Additional information on Libyan Arab Air Cargo
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Safety accidents and incidents events for Libyan Arab Air Cargo
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