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Profile for: Avialeasing Aviation Company
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Avialeasing Aviation Company AD;ECTWNUzbekistanTashkent-Sergeli1992-
Joint US-Uzbek venture. Formed SRX Group in Florida (qv) in 1993. Uzbek AOC granted in 1996.

Directory and Contact records for Avialeasing Aviation Company
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Avialeasing Aviation Company
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SubFleets for: Avialeasing Aviation Company
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all times
Avg Age
Avialeasing Avn CoIl-76Il-76MD1 1 21319.9 years 
Avialeasing Avn CoIl-76Il-76TD     55-
Avialeasing Avn CoAn-12An-12B 2  2 2-
Avialeasing Avn CoAn-12An-12BP  1 123-
Avialeasing Avn CoAn-26An-26B     44-
 TOTAL:122 5121719.9 years
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Avialeasing Aviation Company
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
UK-76365Il‑76MD10434206679207 1994UTTPAvialeasing Avn Co   Current, ActiveActive       
UK-76364Il‑76MD10434195679205 1994UTTPAvialeasing Avn Co   Stored at UTTPStored at UTTP      
UK-76377Il‑76MD10334175458907 1993UTTPAvialeasing Avn Co  To Uzbekistan AF Active      
UK-76376Il‑76TD103341754189061993UTTPAvialeasing Avn Co  To Uzbekistan AF Active      
UK-76844Il‑76TD1033416525890227/02/95UTTPAvialeasing Avn Coex YL‑LAR @ Inversija Cargo AirlineTo Silk Way AL 4K‑AZ26Active      
UK-76410Il‑76TD102341241186031992UTTPAvialeasing Avn Co ex UN‑76410 @ SayakhatTo Azerbaijan AL Avia Cargo 4K‑AZ16Active      
UK-76447Il‑76TD1023412389850822/05/92UTTPAvialeasing Avn Co  ex CCCP‑76447 @ AeroflotTo Azerbaijan AL Avia Cargo 4K‑AZ14Scrapped01/09     
UK-76824Il‑76TD1023410327840221/04/92UTTPAvialeasing Avn Co leased from Uzbekistan AWLeased & ReturnedStored      
UK-11418An‑12B402504    Avialeasing Avn Co ex RA‑11996 @ Baikal ALCurrent, Leased-out to SRX Group Active converted An-12BP    
UK-12005An‑12B4342103    Avialeasing Avn Co  ex LZ‑BRI @ Bright Avn SvcsCurrent, Leased-out to SRX Group Active     
UK-12001Recently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
UK-11109An‑12BP1348005  1971 Avialeasing Avn Co  ex @ Soviet 10To Imtrec Avn Cambodia XU‑365Active      
UK-12002An‑12BP402002  25/12/73 Avialeasing Avn Coex RA‑11373 @ Moskovia ALStored at OPFStored at OPF      
UK-26002Recently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
UK-26003An‑26B10406  20/11/80UKKTAvialeasing Avn Co ex S9‑BOW @ Private users in Sao Tome E PrincipeTo ServiCaribe Express HK‑4888XActive      
UK-26213An‑26B14402  26/12/85UKKTAvialeasing Avn Co  ex ST‑IPK @ IBK-Petra AvnTo Avialeasing Avn Co UK‑26001Scrapped05/13     
UK-26001An‑26B14402  26/12/85UKKTAvialeasing Avn Coex UK‑26213 @ Avialeasing Avn CoScrapped at OPFScrapped at OPF05/13     

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Current portfolios for Avialeasing Aviation Company
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Additional information on Avialeasing Aviation Company
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