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Profile for: Alada
1 company in genealogy tree - [ Generate Excel ]

Alada  RADAngolaLuanda1995-2010
Added on EU ban list 14/11/08 and subsequent dates. AOC revoked in 2010.

Directory and Contact records for Alada
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Alada
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SubFleets for: Alada
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
AladaIl-18Il-18D     22- 
AladaIl-18Il-18E     11-
AladaAn-12An-12B  1 134-
AladaAn-12An-12BP  2 21012-
AladaAn-32An-32A     22-
AladaAn-32An-32B  1 112-
AladaAn-24An-24B     11-
 TOTAL:  4 42024-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Alada
Airframes 1-24 of 24 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
D2-FDYIl‑18E18500850385031965MKODNAlada ex UR‑75850 @ KrylaPart-Out ( at LAD)Derelict at LAD2006      
D2-FRAAn‑24B1730740274021971UKKTAlada ex RA‑47840 @ PskovaviaUnknown ()Ultimate fate obscure      
D2-FAMIl‑18D184007401740104/06/1964MKODNAlada ex 3D‑SEP @ Air PassUnknown ( in [ AO ])Ultimate fate obscure in [ AO ]      
D2-FAYAn‑12BPTBD   Alada  ex? Stored ()Stored      
D2-FBTAn‑12BP4342108   Alada ex EW‑11371 @ TechAviaSvcTo (Força Aérea Nacional Angolana T-300)Destroyed07/08/2005c/n & operator tbc    
D2-FFRIl‑18D393607150  MKODNAlada ex Ukraine 75896 @ Ukraine AFPart-Out ( at LAD)Derelict at LAD converted Il-22    
D2-FBCAn‑12BP    Alada ex? Unknown ()Disposed owner tbc (no titles)    
D2-FBGAn‑12BP    Alada  ex? Scrapped ( at LAD)Scrapped at LAD owner tbc (no titles)    
D2-FAOAn‑12BP    Alada   ex? Unknown ()Disposed not c/n 402812    
D2-FBPAn‑32B   UKKTAlada   ex? Stored ()Disposed      
D2-FBMAn‑12BP    Alada ex? Unknown ()Disposed owner tbc (no titles)    
D2-FBIAn‑12BP    Alada   ex? Stored ( at UKFY)Disposed at UKFY owner tbc (no titles)    
TN-AGTAn‑12B    Alada   ex? Scrapped ( at PNR)Scrapped at PNR "Adala" titles !    
D2-FBBAn‑12BP    Alada ex? Unknown ()Disposed owner tbc (no titles)    
D2-FAJAn‑12BP    Alada   ex? Unknown ()Disposed      
D2-FBJAn‑12BP401711 30/06/1963 Alada ex RA‑11421 @ North-East Cargo ALUnknown ( in [ AO ])Ultimate fate obscure in [ AO ]      
D2-FBDAn‑12BP4342610 29/02/1964 Aladaex ER‑ADL @ TiramaviaTo (Tiramavia ER-ADL)Destroyed15/02/2002operator tbc    
D2-FAWAn‑12B402605 1965 Alada ex ER‑ACD @ VelocityStored ( at LAD)Stored at LAD      
D2-FARAn‑12B402810 1965 Alada ex RA‑11119 @ Private users in RussiaScrapped ( at PNR)Scrapped at PNR2004c/n tbc    
D2-FAZAn‑12BK8345601 1968 Alada ex RA‑13357 @ Impulse Aero CharterDestroyed ( at VHC)Destroyed at VHC11/08/1998     
D2-FRGAn‑12B347202 11/05/1970 Alada ex RA‑12987 @ Chelyabinsk Air EnterpriseScrapped ( at PNR)Scrapped at PNR2004     
D2-FAXAn‑32A1510 18/04/1989UKKTAlada ex RA‑48115 @ Impulse Aero CharterTo (Angola Air Charter Angola Air Charter)Active      
D2-FAPAn‑32B2903 01/11/1991UKKTAlada  ex RA‑48051 @ Ural AviakompaniaTo (Sudan Air Force ST-EIB)Active converted An-32 in 1991    
D2-FRBAn‑32A2208 28/01/1992UKKTAlada ex RA‑69313 @ NAPO-AviatransTo (Sudan Air Force Sudan 7720)Active      

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Current portfolios for Alada
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Additional information on Alada
New aircraft orders from Alada
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Safety accidents and incidents events for Alada
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