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Profile for: Air Koryo
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Air Koryo JSKORKorea (North)Pyongyang1992-
Listed on EU ban list 22/3/06 until 26/11/09; 31/3/10 (except Tu-204s) and subsequent dates. Blacklisted by US Treasury Department on 2/12/16.
CAAK/Civil Aviation Administration of KoreaChosonminhang Korean Airways/Air KoreaKB;JSKCAKorea (North)Pyongyang1955-1992
Started operations on 21/9/55. Renamed 28/3/92 to Air Koryo. 
SOKAOUKAMPS  Korea (North)Pyongyang1950-1954
Formed as a joint Soviet-Korean undertaking. Nationalized 1954. 

Directory and Contact records for Air Koryo
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Air Koryo
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SubFleets for: Air Koryo
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Air KoryoIl-76Il-76TD3   3 328.8 years 
Air KoryoIl-62Il-62M  1 178-
Air KoryoTu-154Tu 154 ()     11-
Air KoryoTu-154Tu-154B  3 336-
Air KoryoTu-204Tu-204-1001   1 19.5 years
Air KoryoTu-204Tu-204-3001   1 125.3 years
Air KoryoTu-134Tu-134B2   2 2-
Air KoryoAn-158An-158 (An-148-200)   11 1-
Air KoryoAn-74/148An-1482   2 25.5 years
Air KoryoIl-18Il-18D1   12350.4 years
Air KoryoIl-18Il-18E     22-
Air KoryoIl-18Il-18V     22-
Air KoryoAn-26An-26 ()     11-
Air KoryoAn-24An-24B1   145-
Air KoryoAn-24An-24RV2   213-
Air KoryoIl-14Il-14 ()     55-
Air KoryoLi-2Li-2     11-
Air KoryoLi-2Li-2 ()     11-
 TOTAL:13 4118304822.8 years
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All-times Fleets of Air Koryo
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Air Koryo (current & planned only)
Airframes 1-17 of 17 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
P-835Il‑18D188011205112051968MKODNAir Koryo   ex 835 @ Air Koryo(Current, Active)Active       
P-533An‑24RV4730970897081974UKKTAir Koryo   (Current, Active)Active      
P-532An‑24RV4730970797071974UKKTAir Koryo   (Current, Active)Active      
P-914Il‑76TD100340414679071990UTTPAir Koryo   (Current, Active)Active converted Il-76MD   
P-913Il‑76TD100340412679021990UTTPAir Koryo   (Current, Active)Active converted Il-76MD    
P-912Il‑76TD100340310478061990UTTPAir Koryo   (Current, Active)Active converted Il-76MD    
P-814Tu‑134B‑366368636309/1984UKHVAir Koryo   (Current, Active)Active      
P-813Tu‑134B‑366215635404/1984UKHVAir Koryo   (Current, Active)Active     
P-882Recently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
P-537An‑24B6730240824081966UKKTAir Koryo   (Current, Active)Active      
P-671An‑148‑100B30830811/11/2012UUODAir Koryo   (Current, Active)Active     
P-633Tu‑204‑100B14507419640484808/05/2009ULYAir Koryo  ex RA‑64048 @ Ulyanovsk Avn Plant(Current, Active)Active c/n 1450741964048; originally ordered as Tu-204-300   
P-632Tu‑204‑30014507423640121204/02/1994ULYAir Koryo  ex RA‑64012 @ Vnukovo AL(Current, Active)Active converted Tu-204   
P-551Tu‑154B129 12/1975UWWGAir Koryo ex 551 @ Air KoryoDamaged ( at FNJ)Damaged at FNJ      
P-552Tu‑154B143 03/1976UWWGAir Koryo ex 552 @ Air KoryoStored ( at FNJ)Stored at FNJ      
P-561Tu‑154B‑2573 03/1983UWWGAir Koryo ex CCCP‑85573 @ AeroflotStored ( at FNJ)Stored at FNJ      
P-672An‑148‑100B402 02/02/2015UUODAir Koryo   (Current, Active)Active     

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