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Nepal 2015

At ATDB we felt obliged to rush a special project for Nepal. So we made a call through our network of photographers to gather a collection of rare Nepal-related aircraft. All pictures can be viewed freely by clicking on the appropriate previews, and can be downloaded at will.

If you enjoy these photographs, then please consider making a donation to one of the NGO's currently helping the Nepalese people and visitors.

We have selected some NGO's which accept online donation and have aviation activities (etiher with their own fleet of aircraft, or as a significant charterer of supplies flights):

Obviously ATDB is not affiliated with any of these NGO's, is not retributed in any way, and cannot be held accountable for the good use of your donations.

If you can provide some additional photographs or feel that a NGO should be added above, please contact us.

Now enjoy the pictures !

Photographs have been supplied by:

DC-3, 9N-AAE, Royal Nepal Airlines
DC-3, 9N-AAE, Royal Nepal Airlines
DHC-6, 9N-ABA, Royal Nepal
DHC-6, 9N-ABB, Royal Nepal. It was destroyed 2/14 when impacting high grounds
DHC-6, 9N-ABP, Royal Nepal. The runway slope at Lukla exceeds 11%.
HS.748, 9N-AAU, Royal Nepal, with old-style titles
HS.748, 9N-AAU, Royal Nepal, with new-style titles
HS.748, 9N-AAU, Royal Nepal, and with Nepalese titles
HS.748, 9N-ABR, Royal Nepal
B.727, 9N-ABD, Royal Nepal, old colours
B.727, 9N-ABD, Royal Nepal, new colours
B.727, 9N-ABN, Royal Nepal, old colours
B.727, 9N-ABN, Royal Nepal, new colours
B.757, 9N-ACA, Royal Nepal
B.757, 9N-ACB, Royal Nepal
B.757, B-2865, Royal Nepal, leased from China Southwest
B.757, EZ-A012, Royal Nepal, leased from Turkmenistan Airlines
B.757, N651LF, Royal Nepal, leased from Transaero
Y-5, 9N-AAK, Royal Nepal, a Chinese-built An-2 imported in 1963
HS.748, G-BKAL. It was to become 9N-ADF with Necon Airways but the sale was cancelled.
HS.748, Necon Airways, 9N-ACH
HS.748, Necon Airways, 9N-ADE. At Pokhara.
ATR-42, Necon Air, 9N-AFU. Ex-American Eagle.
ATR-42, Necon Air, 9N-AGP. Ex-TWA, Mahalo and Canadian.
ATR-72-500, 9N-AJX, Budha Air. Formerly with Air Nostrum.
DHC-6, 9N-ACC, Lumbini Airways. Crashed 8/88 into Mount Annapurna.
Do-228, 9N-AEO, Gorkha Airlines. Destroyed 6/05 at Lukla.
Do-228, 9N-AKE, Tara Air
IL-14P, 9N-RF1. This VIP IL-14 was used by the King of Nepal from 1958 to 1971.
Twin Pioneer, 9N-RF6. The King also used a Twin Pioneer to reach remote airfields.
Mi-4, 9N-AHB, Royal Nepal Air Force. This utility helicopter was used to rescue climbers from base camps.
B.707-351C, RP-C1886, Nepal government. Very rare picture, this 707 was leased for a few days from Aero Filipinas.

Update:More scans are being added in the coming days and weeks. Check back frequently !


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