Version 7 is coming !

After many months of development, we are nearing the launch of ATDB Version 7. This new version includes many new exciting features, including:
  • A new user interface for a faster and easier data retrieval and a quicker navigation between reports
  • Friendly dynamic parser suggesting multiple options from any name or code
  • Context-based predictive suggestions to cascade from one report to other reports
  • New proprietary technology to display very large number of records in one report without performance penalties
  • Dozens of new data fields in all reports
  • Multi-criteria «Power Search» facility on each report for submitting very complex queries
  • Parallel processing on multiple threads to target sub-second response times for reports generations and access to remote repositories
  • Selectable list of columns of interest in each report
  • One-click export to Excel
  • Users can store customized reports and re-submit later from any device
  • Stored reports can be merged to build cumulative (OR) clauses
  • Instant alerters: register your interest on a specific airframe; ATDB informs you in real time of any change
  • New "franchise" relationship between companies and aircraft (in addition to operation and ownership relations)
  • New "groups" relationship between companies, for one-click retrieval of the fleets or portfolios of all aircraft within the group
  • Multiple dynamic infographics reports; can be exported as stand-alone files or to Excel
  • Airframe Ownership history quick view
  • One-click access to trackers site for monitoring any aircraft in real time
  • Stronger resistance to massive hackers attacks
  • Multiple fields previously restricted to professional subscription levels are now visible at lower levels for many aircraft types no longer marketed
  • And many more !

Note: ATDB v7 requires a recent Internet browser application (desktop or hand-held devices) to take advantages of the new features using multiple CPU cores for parallel processing.

v7 Beta is a quality-oriented program to get rid of the remaining gremlins.

If you wish to participate, drop us an email at and we will communicate the details for accessing ATDB v7 Beta when ready.
In return we request that you tell us about any issue that you may find during your exploration. Thanks !