ATDB Data Sets

This page lists all high-level entities storing ATDB records.
ATDB online reports output the data records in tabular form to answer most common queries.
Customized reports or direct API calls can be produced by ATDB Professional Services.

Airlines and other Operators or Owners

Airlines, Leasing/Ownership companies, Military/Private aircraft operators, etc; 12,000+ entries


Contacts for airlines and leasing companies; 50,000+ entries

Aircraft Types

ATDB monitors all transport aircraft types with 30-seat or equivalent freight payload.
Biz-jets and smaller commuter types below 30 seats: soon added !
5,300 entries


Production lists for each produced airframe, 80,000+ entries

Aircraft History Cards

One for each operation period; 260,000+ entries

Countries and Territories

460+ entries

Airports and Airfields

All locations with an assigned IATA or ICAO code; 16,000+ entries

New Aircraft Orders

12,000+ entries

Safety Incidents and Accidents

Includes all write-off's and significant incidents affecting asset value; 12,000+ entries


ATDB archives all published events since 2003; 82,000+ entries


Random examples of merging and aggregating ATDB data
to generate online queries or customized reports

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